About Us

South Coast Fire & Safety is focused on providing "Old fashioned service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week", just like we committed to you over 24 years ago. You continue to be the main influence on which our business decisions are made and the reason for our actions.

Customer Service - We operate under the belief that your satisfaction is our main priority and reamain dedicated to responding to all of your inquiries quickly.

Professional Staff - Our people are the best in the business and are dedicated to both you and your industry. From our experienced sales team who are in your area daily to those inside our facility who insure you receive the quality products you expect quickly, our staff is the foundation on which our service to you is guaranteed.

Quality Products - The products you need are responsible for saving lives and protecting property. Therefore, we offer proven products only from the most trusted companies known and respected for their innovation, quality and dependability.

As you visit our website, please keep in mind that this powerful tool is meant to supplement our efforts to supply you with our products and capabilities, not to replace those efforts. We will constantly strive to offer you, our customer with the very best service available!