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When did you last clean your gear?

Statistical data indicates that today's firefighters face high health and safety risks due to exposure and the buildup of contaminants during fire department operations and training. Ensuring the cleanliness of your gear is vital. In the latest revisions to NFPA 1851, the industry recognizes the need for reducing contamination by requiring that protective clothing be cleaned a minimum of twice (2) per year, and it is recommended to clean after every exposure when soiled or contaminated.

Bunker Gear inspections

What about inspections?

The NFPA 1851 standard 2020 edition calls for advanced inspections of all elements at least once (1) a year or as needed based on findings during routine inspections. Advanced inspections must be conducted by the manufacturer, verified ISP, or trained personnel within the organization (Fire Department) recognized by a manufacturer or verified ISP to perform such inspections.

Bunker Gear cleaning compliance

Advanced Cleaning & Inspections

Our comprehensive services cover both advanced cleaning and inspections, ensuring that your gear meets the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality. Advanced inspections require documenting all findings and keeping records until the garment is retired. South Coast Fire and Safety is recognized by gear manufacturers for providing advanced inspections. Advanced cleaning must be performed by a verified ISP (Independent Service Provider), verified cleaner, manufacturer, or trained personnel of the organization (Fire Department). According to the 2020 NFPA 1851 standard, advanced cleaning of ensembles is required every six (6) months at minimum.

Advanced DECON Cleaning

Advanced DECON cleaning shall also be done when routine cleaning fails to render the ensemble or ensemble elements sufficiently clean for service. SMG is recognized by gear manufacturers for advanced cleaning of structural and proximity firefighting garments.

Pickup and Delivery Services

Our Bunker Gear Cleaning Services provide convenient LOCAL PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICES for firefighter gear, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for your department. Additionally, we offer LONG DISTANCE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICES for fire schools and training facilities in Beaumont, Corpus Christi, College Station, New Orleans, and Austin.

Email Britanny at to schedule your cleaning.

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Turnaround Time and Scheduling

We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality. For general non-scheduled orders, we aim to maintain a 3-5 business day turnaround time. However, the extent of cleaning needed and the condition and quantity of the materials may affect this timeframe. For scheduled or contract orders, we guarantee a 3-5 day turnaround time.

To schedule pick up and delivery, please contact South Coast Fire and Safety with the following details:

  • 1. Pick-up location, day, and time
  • 2. Delivery location
  • 3. Speed of service required: standard or overnight
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Bunker Gear standard cleaning schedule

Reporting and Gear Ranking

After the cleaning process is fulfilled, we provide detailed reporting. While we do not do repairs on bunker gear cleaning, we will inform you of any observations we make. Upon return, all gear is ranked with a color code: green indicates good condition, yellow indicates attention is needed, and red indicates immediate repair or replacement.

Email Britanny at to schedule your cleaning.

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Ensure the cleanliness and functionality of your bunker gear. Contact South Coast Fire and Safety today to schedule your gear cleaning, inspection, and advanced DECON services.

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