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Whether your project is big or small we deliver quality engineered fire system solutions.

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Tailored Solutions

We collaborate with designers and engineers with every major safety product line trusted world-wide for their superior firefighting equipment, water control and delivery systems.

Successfully balancing the need to stay under budget while providing the durable products required – and on time – has resulted in our growth year after year. We strive to provide the gold standard on engineered water delivery products.

Engineered Solutions

We will work with your company to provide a quantifiable solution to the challenges faced. We do this by starting where you are, so solutions are allowed to develop where your needs begin.

When the specifics for your project have been approved, the mechanical and electrical engineers, designers and manufacturers get to work on moving the solution to production reality. Using Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and CAE software, we are able to provide the sketches, certified line drawings and fully-rendered 3D models and, in some instances, samples for your projects.

Solutions Delivered

Using only quality raw material from trusted sources, production crews cut, weld, sew, assemble, finish, program and test each product we provide personally. This may seem counterproductive in today’s fast-paced world, but we have come to realize that it’s this level of personal attention that enables the products and equipment we provide to function for decades.

Our goal will always be to provide the quality firefighting solutions you need, when you need them.

South Coast Fire and Safety has delivered solutions around the world utilizing technologies, such as:

Wired Controls
Wireless Controls
Remote Imaging
Ecommerce Solutions

Custom Emergency Response Equipment

Emergency response scenarios demand reliable equipment that can perform in any environment; engineered preparedness; mitigating damage when seconds matter. Regrettably, some companies address response equipment gaps only after an incident occurs.

Quick Attack Response Vehicles

Quick Attack and Rapid Intervention Vehicles are used in places where the ability to respond quickly is needed. They can be equiped with pumps, water/foam systems and dry chemical extinguishing agents for extinguishment of small fires. In addition they may be outfitted with specialized tools and equipment for specific applications.

Firefighting Protection Systems

Protecting your business against fire is one of the most important things you can do for the safety of your employees, for the safety of the communities that surround you and to protect your financial assets. Fires cause catastrophic damages resulting not only in downtime and costly repairs but threats to health and environmental damage that can take years to mitigate.

Hose Delivery and Retrieval

The faster responders can locate, access, and implement the required emergency response equipment, the sooner an incident can be contained, and operations can be restored to “business as usual”. Hose delivery and retrieval is a critical component to that.

Hydrants and Valves

Active fire protection equipment includes hydrants, valves, gate valves and other products used to access a fixed industrial fire protection system. At South Coast Fire and Safety we care about fire protection equipment and its ability to protect buildings, assets and life. That is why we proudly feature only the highest rated, highest quality hydrant valves from industry-trusted brands. When it comes to finding the latest active fire protection systems choose South Coast Fire and Safety.

Engineered Manifolds and Hydrants

Fire field logistics are nearly as critical as equipment on hand and personnel availability when responding to industrial hazard situations. Large fires require large volumes of water, which sometimes require multiple large diameter water supply hoses. The most convenient, reliable, and safest means of distributing large volumes of water over an entire facility is by constructing underground water delivery systems with above ground hydrant manifolds. These hydrant manifolds are then used in conjunction with large diameter water supply hose to supply the necessary water to pumps, nozzles, and foam proportioning equipment. We deliver the manifolds you need to protect the assets surrounding them.

Firefighting Monitor Systems

Fire monitors (water cannons) integrate the latest firefighting technology and are designed and tested to provide the finest water flow appliances on the market. Our expanded fire safety lines offer a wide variety of fire monitors from small to big flow, portable to apparatus-mounted solutions, and fixed-site systems. Whatever the application, South Coast Fire and Safety has a water cannon to meet your needs.

High Velocity Firefighting Pumps

Fire pumps are often considered to be the most critical component of a water-based fire protection system because without an adequate pump, water-based systems can be rendered ineffectual. When fires occur in expansive environments that contain high-risk hazards, it can be catastrophic to discover that a fire pump is not performing optimally, isn't adequate for the task or that additional mobile pumps could have been utilized to flow big water but were not readily available. South Coast Fire and Safety understands the importance of quality control (QC). QC must be adhered to throughout the design, manufacturing, testing, shipment, installation, and commissioning of fire fighting pumps to ensure firewater pumping systems meet the NFPA Fire Codes provided to protect your facility and for legal compliance.

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Gregg and his team have managed engineered fire fighting solutions for projects all over the United States. Working with construction companies, engineering firms and on site he and his team have delivered countless solutions resulting in saved lives and property.

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